Angels was one of the fantasy based concepts developed by Dey that was rather discrete from the other history
St Michael the Archangel Sculptural Wall Frieze Dey Mt Laurel 2007

St.Michael wall frieze,Dey's place,2007

based concepts both in terms of conceptual foundation and also in size and scale.The foundation of this concept was pure fantasy/Biblical references regarding Angels and Devils.

Like The Persian Sun concept this concept Angels promised much but failed to expand into numerous sets like some of the other huge concepts like Knighthood.

indiviual elements of this concept were close to being same/similar with different ornamentation so idea/foundation of this concept needed more development.Work on this concept started abruptly during the early part of 2007 without much research by Dey on the topic itself and in the later stages it lost much of its past significance.This entire pre matured completion happened becuase Dey had to move back to California from the East Coast during 2007.During the move Dey decided to hand over all of his statutory items meant specifically for this set to the charitable organizations like Salvation Army.Later much later few small items was purchased from Design Toscano but by that time Dey lost much enthusiasm to re build this set from scratch as that would have meant spending a lot of cash to buy the same old items (because of Dey's limited knowledge about the subject to develop new sets with new elements that would actually match with each other as a part of a single set) that were given away by Dey to Salvation Army.

All of the photos which are presented here are the reference photos from the prime vendor Design Toscano's product catalogue as Dey did not photograph the items of this concept during its production tenure.

The following sets (with same/similar backgrounds) were constructed by Dey for this concept :

Son of Light set

For complete details about this set Son of Light refer to the Son of Light set page of this wiki.

Devil against the Dark set

For complete details about this set Devil against the Dark refer to the Devil against the Dark set page of this wiki.

The Good Win Brothers set

For complete details about this set Devil against the Dark refer to the The Good Win Brothers set page of this wiki.

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